The IJSEPM is an international interdisciplinary journal in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management combining engineering and social science within Energy System Analysis, Feasibility Studies and Public Regulation.

The journal focuses on:

- Energy System analysis of the transition to sustainable energy systems. This including theories, methodologies, data handling and software tools as well as specific scenarios, models and analyses at local, regional, country and global level.

- Economics, Socio economics and Feasibility studies including theories and methodologies of institutional economics as well as specific feasibility studies and analyses of the transition to sustainable energy systems.

- Public Regulation and management including theories and methodologies as well as specific analyses and proposals in the light of the implementation and transition into sustainable energy systems.

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Vol 24 (2019): Special Issue: Tools, technologies and systems integration for the Smart and Sustainable Cities to come

Published: 19-11-2019

Modelling the future low-carbon energy systems - case study of Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

Sara Ben Amer, Rasmus Bramstoft, Olexandr Balyk, Per Sieverts Nielsen

Low temperature district heating networks for complete energy needs fulfillment

Maria Alessandra Ancona, Michele Bianchi, Lisa Branchini, Andrea De Pascale, Francesco Melino, Antonio Peretto

Supporting tool for multi-scale energy planning through procedures of data enrichment

Francisco Javier Miguel, Gema Hernández-Moral, Victor Ivan Serna-González

Decision Support System for smart urban management: resilience against natural phenomena and aerial environmental assessment

Sergio Taraglio, Stefano Chiesa, Luigi La Porta, Maurizio Pollino, Marco Verdecchia, Barbara Tomassetti, Valentina Colaiuda, Annalia Lombardi

Energy sustainability and social empowerment: the case of Centocelle smart community co-creation

Claudia Meloni, Francesca Cappellaro, Roberta Chiarini, Claudia Snels

Virtual Round Table on Innovation for Smart and Sustainable Cities

Paola Clerici Maestosi, Peter Berkowitz, Han Brezet, Jonas Bylund, Giovanni Vetritto
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