Solutions and services for smart sustainable district: an innovative approach in KPI to support transition.

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Marilisa Cellurale
Carola Clemente
Paola Clerici Maestosi
Paolo Civiero


Here it will be presented the results of the research “SCC solutions for Positive Energy Districts - RdS / PAR2018 / 041”, a collaborative project between Sapienza University of Rome - PDTA Dept. and ENEA Energy Technology Dept. – Sustainable Energy Network. The broader purpose of the research has been to design a set of strategies to facilitate built environment transition to optimized urban models such as Smart Energy District. The research consider as starting point the urban vision in SET-Plan on Action 3.2 "Smart Cities and Communities" which support planning, deployment and replication of 100 Positive Energy District by 2025, with the aim to promote innovative research on models, methodologies planning tools and technology solutions for the short-medium term implementation.

The approach and methodology which support the research projects lays on an operational framework set up to identify gaps and commonalities for urban services implementation and to support life improvements for citizens, consumers / prosumers.

Main output of this research project is a framework to facilitate a synthetic evaluation on positioning and improvements for each SCC solutions which has been considered in the study each referring to engagement phase (planning, design, construction, management) and engagement scale (functional unit, building, blocks of building, infrastructures, environment). Furthermore, the synoptic tool improves the identification of strategies and stakeholders’ commitment to promote Smart Urban District or PEDs transition.

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